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Best wishes for every friend in the new year of rabbit!
My Husband decided to join us,Welcome!
There are some Fatastic working ^^
Stream in Rivendell is one of my favourite.Oh I love you dA.Thank you every Deviant!
Hi,every guys!Thanks for all the supportings you have given to me. I'll keep on this year, and Happy Chinese New Year!
hi,everyone! I'm sorry for such a long break, I'm just a bit too lazy. Thank you all for so much concern :D
Go! Athletes go!

Welcome every friend to beijing!
The quake has killed more than 20.000 people hitherto.
I'm in Beijing but come from Sichuan, which is the dearest place for me. Today I pray for my brothers and sisters, may all the kind hearts be with them, always.

Remember the time: 14:28 May 12th ,2008.
Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm really glad you liked my works.
I am a Tolkien fan from China. Thank my friend Vigshane who commended me here. This is a ammazing fantasy kingdom, I am enjoy, come on with me!